Sunday, May 10, 2009


Please don't worry about sending any more weapons to Dafur as we have enough to fight a pretty respectable war thank you. But please feel free to send us some food as we have no time to grow any as we are to busy fighting said war and procreating. So keep those donations flowing Bono we are most grateful to you for funding our war.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Time and place

Why is it that when european people are dug up from where they where buried and moved this is called progress, but heaven help us if we attempt to move the 2000 year old remains of an American Indian, that is not done. Fuck them, life goes on and please stop with the 'Oh but we worship our ansestors ' so do we all. Political correctness has gotten out of control. A radical Muslim has the right to plan a terrorist attack in the UK while recieving government benifits but please do not raid his house and make sure he is safe because it is better to raid his house after he has blown up a bus or train. Fuck 'em and take chrge of the situation. If I a white european where to behave in this manner I would be locked up no problem. Come people take charge of your space and say 'Now we are in charge' not some left wing lobby.