Saturday, June 30, 2012

Making a Difference.

Some people spend their entire lives in the service of others. These people are teachers, nurses, councilors and an untold number of what are often called jobs but are in fact callings.
I have spent my life in the company of others and often we are able to be of service to people, friends, family or even those whose paths we cross just briefly.

The question is what kind of effect did you have on those lives and often we don’t know the answer and never will.
Two things have happened in my life to make me sure that the effects of others touching our lives is never forgotten.

  1. Garth Giles. He was my math teacher and although I never quite got the hang of math, I did learn to learn. I learned from him that I was capable of more than I may had been given credit for. Thank you. I have not forgotten.
  2. My Uncle Mark. He taught me that I was responsible. At the time I did not get it at all because he told me I was responsible for the sun coming up. I have since figured out he did not mean I was God. I may not cause the sun to rise but I am 100% responsible for my reaction to its rising, if any.

I was inspired to write this by one such person who has literally given their life to the service of others and really has no idea whether she has made a difference in the world or not.
The short answer is yes. A very big YES because although I have  known her only a short while and burdened her with only trivial matters it is known to me that  thousands of people with far more deserving  and grave issues have been graced by her care. Only the simplest or most callus of people forget a kindness that was shown to them in their time of need.

When these people I will refer to as the The Called give to others they do it on a scale of one to many but when they themselves are in need of support it seems they have given so much of themselves that to be effective in our support of them it takes may to one. I hope there are enough people out there with memories to take up that challenge and give back what you have received.
Even I in my amateurish way know I have touched the lives of a few people when my experience and  dare I say it, wisdom, was required. So " You Go Girl".

Thursday, June 21, 2012

ANC Brainstorming.

"paradigm shift" : Quoted in an article Wednesday about the way forward.
Meaning: A drastic change in method or practice pertaining to thinking and planing which changes the way projects are implemented.
In English it means : are we stealing the right amount from the right places? or where can we be more efficient in our stealing? and we need to seriously concentrate on not getting caught every bloody time. Hope that helps.

The term paradigm shift is easily my best pet hate. I have been in middle management most of my career ( not good eh) and every conference I have attended in the last 10 years the speaker has found a way to slip those words into the lecture. That is my light switch I shut down at that point (perhaps why I stayed middle management) because no person ever really knew what it meant. I have researched the word and finally am able to put it in context. Thank you Mr Zuma and gang.