Thursday, January 3, 2013

Reality (my ass) TV

It with a growing concern that I see how the world is being exposed to Reality TV. I use this term loosely because there is nothing real about it. It is made for and about people who are poor or low classed and please note the intentional use of the word OR. The poor like the hillbillies, rednecks and the like and the low class like the Jersey Shore, Essex and that ilk. But all have one thing in common. They are white.

No network station is going to take the risk of creating a program that has our black brethren looking like the uneducated, stupid, classless and downright disgusting human beings that are portrayed by these shows. That would be regraded as exploitative and we as white people would never do such a thing.
But its OK now to exploit other peoples. The Gypsies, the poor whites and the well off whites with the collective brain power of a maggot, these we can exploit because they are not victims.

The world has gone tits up.

It has gotten to the stage were no matter what it takes we don't mention that the majority of crime and disgusting behavior regardless of population percentages is being committed by our brethren that lack the Neanderthal gene. White people the world over are prisoners of their own conscience begging the black man for forgiveness for crimes committed by generations back and being used by blacks as a whip to ensure that regardless of ability or prowess they enjoy affirmative action. How long will it be before the world opens its eyes and sees that no matter what, the African does not do Honesty, Elections, Business or any of the other stuff we westerners regard as normal. This is a land of tribalism, greed, rape and mayhem. The continent of Africa is the proof, there is no exception to the rule.