Thursday, June 21, 2012

ANC Brainstorming.

"paradigm shift" : Quoted in an article Wednesday about the way forward.
Meaning: A drastic change in method or practice pertaining to thinking and planing which changes the way projects are implemented.
In English it means : are we stealing the right amount from the right places? or where can we be more efficient in our stealing? and we need to seriously concentrate on not getting caught every bloody time. Hope that helps.

The term paradigm shift is easily my best pet hate. I have been in middle management most of my career ( not good eh) and every conference I have attended in the last 10 years the speaker has found a way to slip those words into the lecture. That is my light switch I shut down at that point (perhaps why I stayed middle management) because no person ever really knew what it meant. I have researched the word and finally am able to put it in context. Thank you Mr Zuma and gang.

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  1. Nice one on the paradigm shift. Most people can't even pronounce the word! (para-dig-em)