Friday, July 27, 2012

Education or not.

For some reason in South Africa we call students and pupils "learners". That is an assumption as I get the idea not a whole lot of learning is taking place. Our teachers are chosen on political and ethnic bias rather than on their skills. Teaching is a calling and not a cushy job but sadly the comrades only realize that after they have chosen the profession.
Our schools are rife with drugs and gang culture and teachers and pupils alike are in fear. Sadly our schools are a reflection of our society, the indiscipline of the ruling party is reflected in the lack of discipline in the schools. Zuma can run around disrespecting women, and our children do the same in the schools.
In a society that is as new as this one there can be no more important task than teaching our children, but I fear they are being kept ignorant on purpose. The ANC party has and needs this pool of uneducated masses to stay in power.

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